Knowing I had designed a very sophisticated house that was going to be built in Salt Lake City, it was important to know that there was a good team in place. We needed the piece of mind that we could trust someone out there. We were fortunate to have been introduced to Paula and Gary Evershed of Lowell Construction. We had a hunch they were the ones we needed, as the design wasn’t your everyday, run of the mill house. Nonetheless, Gary’s response was, “Hey, we can handle it. We’re not high end, we’re super high end!”, and that they proved. Gary was all over it, every day. Up and down, down and up. He was passionately involved and he was thorough. On his own he had stonework, drywall work, and other details ripped out and redone simply because he didn’t like the way they turned out the first time. Based on my experience with Lowell Construction I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to use them again and again. Simply put, they are, perhaps, the most dedicated, thorough contractors we’ve been fortunate enough to work with. I would recommend them to anyone. - Thomas L. Shafer, Architect: Grunsfield Shafer Architects, LLC

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