McCune Mansion

Historic Renovation
PROJECT DETAILS:Salt Lake City, UT  Architect: Max Smith

The McCune Mansion, listed on the National Historic Register is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is one of the premier architectural gems of the Western United States. Completed in 1901 by mining and railroad magnate, Alfred W. McCune, the three-story 21 room structure overlooks historical Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. The restoration of the McCune Mansion involved modernizing this historical landmark while preserving its glorious past. Many elements, such as the fired-ceramic top caps of the two towers were recreated by hand. The wood features include the finest oak and cherry available in the world. Italian marble and locally cut red sandstone had to be matched perfectly. Refinishing rare and in some cases extinct hardwood species required the highest level of craftsmen available. The original manufacturer of the Italian roof tiles was located and the same molds were used to cast replacement tiles. A new three-stop elevator and a fully functional commercial kitchen were installed without compromising the building's integrity or historical significance. Initial and ongoing recommendations from Lowell Construction regarding the design, materials, and methods of installation and fabrication were crucial to the success of the project. Today the McCune Mansion looks as it did when it was first built 100 years ago, a time when hand-craftsmanship flourished.


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History of McCune Mansion

A unique 100-year old heirloom