Orbit Restaurant


The Orbit Restaurant in Salt Lake City is a unique blend of old and modern techno-art. Built in 1906 as the Kangron Coffee House in the “Greek Town” section of Salt Lake City, it was later known as the Open Hearth Coffee House in the 1920’s. The building was last used as a lumber supply company. Throughout the many uses of the building, most sections of the original stamped tin ceiling remained intact though worn and damaged in places. Pain-stakingly restored, this ceiling evokes memories of old-world craftsmanship. Missing and damaged ceiling panels were hand-cast and stamped at the same foundry in Nevada City, Missouri as the original panels. The floor is white birch veneer with aluminum accent strips. The walls are an eclectic blend of painted walls and back-lit glass marble panels. The exterior of the building is original with the exception of the wood cornice and front parapet, which were replaced due to their deteriorated condition.